alt30festival 2012


fine art


Friday, 3rd August 3pm - 7pm, Saturday 4th August 1pm - 7pm ~ Railway stop Nižné Čabiny

Artists painting under label Street Art Communication are self-sufficient, opinion, unemployed, visually attractive, young people, men. During their career in the community they’ve decorated public space not only in Kosice, alma mater of Street Art Communication, but also in the world, like in Bratislava. In Čabiny they will mark the railway station.


PEK crew (Bratislava),

R (Kosice)


VADIM TZIGANASJ (MO): Lost exhibitions

Opening 3rd August, 5pm ~ Jednota Gallery


We have been notified that those exhibitions do no more exist.
The elders have fed us with legends about the remnants of something which was so big and delightful. They were calling them “the lost exhibitions”.
They were impressive, big pieces from which we can only see some parts of them. The other parts were destroyed, censored, robbed or decomposed in the forgotten gallery depots.
The lost exhibitions are rescued or found remnants of something that was a big thing, a whole, but later got crumbled. Rescued or found pieces of  something that was intended to become a big thing, a whole, but didn’t reach the point of being accomplished.


“Lost Exhibitions” are dealing with issues regarding the efficacy of art infrastructure, censorship, and drifted or derailed enthusiasm. We have plenty of exhibitions of artists talking about our lost identity due to our past communist history, but what is the identity of the artists and the exhibitions that got lost due to the present various unfortunate events and affairs?

Finding himself concerned about all those issues, the current K.A.I.R. resident from Moldova Vadim Tziganasj decided to step aside from Kosice art infrastructure problems, institutional breakthrough desires and took the opportunity of the alt30collective’s ▲festival to hold his final exhibition in Cabiny. The owner and main curator of the gallery – Martin – has been long-time concerned what to do with the old Jednota house which came into his possession from his family. And once he was watching an interview with Marina Abramovic where she was saying that “If you cook some food in the kitchen – then you are a cook, but if you cook the food in a gallery then you are an artist” – he thought to himself that would also mean that if you would produce some art in the gallery – you would be an artist, but if you’d produce that art in the kitchen – then you’d become a cook? This thought instantly directed him to open the Jednota Gallery in Cabiny which acts as an east-slovakian contemporary art bastion in-meltdown.


Being geographically but also conceptually “exiled” far from the buzzy urban environment, the gallery in Cabiny is by its purpose a ghost institution somehow part of the scene but acting somewhere at the periphery, a providential Morgan le Fay which is luring art expeditions into or out of a drifted stuck-in-the-ice situation. “This is not America – this is Slovakia”, says Martin, “here the art institution is still like a nuclear reactor which is still being supplied with lead”.
It appears that the Jednota Gallery is the perfect place for artists who are struggling out of confusions imposed by the art environment.
“They created the Berlin myth but also they are the ones who are destroying it. They tell you that Berlin is the place for lost artists and if you are competitive and want to become successful – you must go to London, and you already start trembling and being concerned about your career. Because any young Slovakian artist knows that deep inside they would wish to go to Berlin. Have a good time, getting tons of inspiration and do the art they want to do. Nobody actually considers that neatty London environment as what they want for their soul”.
The Jednota Gallery offers the alternative of taking a break and make-up your mind:
“People say that art today is different and the so-called good art we had before is now lost, but in fact it’s all the same thing, just that is all functioning in a roundabout, many complications in the system which is depressing stuff. Like career building and stuff that makes you think you are rather part of some marketing enterprise. Even the residency programs are being ironically called import-export business. What can we do? This is the life you know – and you are part of it anyway. Like it is, like it was – James Brown, you know…”

It’s an illusion; a mirage: if  it’s all about buying and selling – it means that we are just buying and selling, even if we don’t actually buy or sell anything. It’s just the appearance of doing so, and either you like it or not, but you keep maintaining it.  This is what the Jednota was doing during communism as a potraviny shop, and this is what it’s doing today as a contemporary art gallery. Like Marina Abramovic was saying: it all depends on the context.

Text by Vadim Tziganasj with excerpts of rescued pieces of a whole, big thing monologue on art
institution of Martin from Čabiny, owner and curator of Jednota Gallery in Čabiny.

sk / eng © Esenti