alt30festival 2012



PLANNINGTOROCK (DE) | 4th August - 11:50pm

uPlanningtorock (all one word, often just PTR) is the vehicle of expression of Janine Rostron , a musician and visual artist who lives in Berlin „W” is her new album, the follow-up to her 2006 debut „Have It All”, which was a full-on chamber-pop romp that established Planningtorock as anything but orthodox.
Worlds of art, fashion and music which are connected in Planningtorock allowed Janine to travel the globe performing at gig venues and arts events. She built a formidable reputation with a theatrical solo show in which she performed, wearing white and sometimes donning a customised PTR helmet, in front of the mesmeric videos she’d made for each track. Multimedia and sometimes kind of multi-gender, Planningtorock seemed to raise more questions than Janine had answers for, which tickled her. And through doing the live shows, she realised that her songs took on a second life, which in turn fed back into her music.
While she is a new name to many, those who know Planningtorock tend to form a strong emotional connection with her work. No doubt about it, Janine is totally out there on her own. With „W“, she’s raised the bar several notches, producing a powerful soul odyssey that ravishes the listener and comfortably ranks as one of the DFA label’s finest releases.




PICTUREPLANE (US) | 3rd August - 10:40pm

Pictureplane is a moniker of Travis Egedy. Two years of work on Thee Physical (Lovepump United) is a giant step forward for Pictureplane and is sure to be one of the most exciting releases of 2011. Spreading his brand of 90s house & trance he’s becoming one of the most prominent figures in American DIY culture. Egedy’s growing influence can be felt in ways that are both trivial and significant: Pictureplane’s punk rock-like approach to the production and dissemination of his work is democratizing electronic music the same way the Ramones, Minor Threat, and Black Flag liberated rock music in the 70s and 80s. The album is also unquestionably Pictureplane’s best and most assured record to date: his vocals are confident and unnervingly sexy, the instrumentation is at once both purely electronic and surprisingly human. Thee Physical is a celebration of human touch in a digital world.





MOLLY NILSSON (SWE) | 4th August - 10:30pm

Dreamy melodies and touchingly clever lyrics of Molly Nilsson (who also goes by the name Formerly known as White Bread!), will charm you as you find yourself listening to them over and over again. With her one-woman-show, this Swedish artist brings her nostalgic pop filled of contrasts between life and death, love and trouble, to a No Mans Land, on the border between reality and dream.






NZCA/LINES (UK) | 3rd August - 09:00pm

Originally conceived as a guitar based project  NZCA/LINES has been transformed into a suave, synth-pop sensation that combines pop melodies with R&B beats and lush arrangements with multi layered harmonies. Produced by Charlie Alex March and mixed by Ash Workman (Simian Mobile Disco Club, Metronomy etc), together with main man Michael Lovett they’ve created one of the years most thrilling debut.





KAZETY (CZ) | 4th August - 07:30pm

Electro/post-punk band from Prague formed in the end of 2007 after break-up of band Undo.  In a next year they’ve played few gigs and after intensive cooperation with producer Jayrope they’ve released their first album under the label X Production based in Brno. The band consists Johana Švarcová (vocals, keyboards), David Doubek aka Ventolin(vocals, guitar) and Jirka Havlíček aka Černý eso (VJ).






THE ILLS (SK) | 4th August - 06:00pm

The Ills were founded in 2008 without any previous planning. Growing together and discovering their own unique soundscape influenced by post-rock and shoegaze, they quickly garnered attention through several gigs in the Slovak and Czech scene and played at festivals like Creepy Teepee in Czech Republic or Wilsonic in Slovakia. After two digital EP they‘ve released their debut album To Wish Impossible Things in October 2010.





TABLE (CZ) | 5th August - 01:30am


We are proud, that czech band Table joined our line up, which has released nine track EP We Are No Longer The Same in 2009 and they performig live shows not only in Czechoslovakia. Their pleasant dark electronic will get you especially by it’s mood. If you like Joy Division, shoegaze electronic, dark string of new wave and melodic lines, you surely won’t forget about Table. Nowadays, guys are working on a new LP, which some new pieces will be performed for a first time on ▲festival.




FRANNY'S COAT (SK) | 3rd August - 06:00pm

Band of two, Dominik Kitko (voice, guitar, samples) and Miro Selecky (drums, vocals) previously worked together on several music projects. On the basis of this cooperation was founded the band Franny’s Coat in September 2011, connecting and overreaching the genres they have played before. This exceptionally talented band is a sensitive and sophisticated combination of indie rock and electronica with a perceptible influence of (neo)classical music and post-rock.




DJ JOHANA (CZ) | 4th August 03:00am
Dj Johana (Kazety) je femme fatale s ľudskou tvárou.
Dj Johana (Kazety) is femme fatale with human face. She plays in several dj groups, for longest in DISJOCKEJOVÉ with Dj Petr (MIDILIDI). She's based in Prague, played the Planningtorock's afterparty in Meetfactory. Mostly you can see her playing in Prague's ROXY/NoD, Meetfactory, Café v Lese etc. In Brno you could hear her in Fléda club, last time on music awards Vynila. Her set builts next to each new and old disco and guitars (5x disco in relation to a metal), the dawn will come to the country.
"More styles you play, the more you are a DJ."

HUGO&ZOE (CZ) | 3rd August - 09:10pm
Hugo & Zoe from Brno, Czech Republic are creating their organic live performance by using lo-fi, DYI and 8-bit technilogical vehicles. Their music is based on party gameboys supported with several effects and soft jazzy vocal with dreamy melodic clarinet. The hardness of gameboy backgroundis partly negating the nostalgic sound of 8-bit, which is replaced by sentimental and pathetic concept of vocals and clarinet. Ukulele is added as an exotic irony of everything. Strictly maintained lo-fi level is not only touching nostalgia, but really stands in opposition to the current hi-tech approach.

VENTOLIN (CZ) | 4th August - 00:20am

Ventolin is live electronics dance project of David Doubek, that started in the summer of 2007. Ventolin plays his own preconstructed tracks that are live joined, modified and transformed using the MPC 2000XL sampler and various other equipment. Ventolin appeared on various concerts, festivals and parties like Bohemian like You, Itch My Haha, Bulva Fabula and in the prime time on the show stage of the prestigious Sperm Festival in Prague. He shared stages with artist like Krazy Baldhead, Noot, Modeselector, Joakim and his Ectoplasmic Band, Dva, Midilidi, Tujiko Noriko, Deadbeat, and others.

HERZOG HERZOG (SK) | 4th August - 02:00am
Herzog Herzog are not two. It's one guy from Levice, living in Bratislava since he was three years old under the pseudonym Peter Janovický. For a time he doesn't listen to electronic music, which he does not, that is, somewhat indisposed Clark and Tobin's fetish, could not imagine with its position. Once, even with Chris Clark they've stood together. One on the stage, the other below. inTHISposition is not only long-playing, but also well-sounding electronic debut, which has ambitions to reach Clark himself down of podium.

BIOS (SK) | 5th August - 01:40
BIOS is a set of two visual artists, Boris Sirka and Jozef Tusan. Their live shows are characterized by audiovisual site-specific live act and analog composing the old school industrial music and the current drone scene. Occasional vocals combined with black metal vocals recitation. The musical "warp" is accompanied by original video projection, which closes the circle of layers and dark noise areas.

RADQOHSKI (CZ) | 4th August. - 09:00pm
Duo RADQOHSKI is Radek Brousil aka Call Me Radeq (ex-Models) and Tomas Oujezdský aka OHYESKI (ex-DISHRAG DUKES). They play together since 2010 and during the few shows they managed to find a position in which it does not limit for ambition to get on (with their own cynicism) the wave of the latest trends, but also their artistic flair to the uncompromisingly confronting underground attitude. Their specific grip of established standards of dance music and rough raw djaying make their show an intimate, personal and unforgettable experience.

AMDISCS DJS (CZ) | 5th August - 01:00am
DJ duo Jakub and Anežka Hosek.

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