alt30festival 2012


security instructions


Competences and duties of security service: inspection of tickets, return tickets and identification of the Festival’s visitors (including the camp site), personal search (to check the dangerous and not permitted objects), to lead somebody out of the festival site (persons without valid ticket, aggressive persons threatening the safety, unauthorized vendors and vendors who do not meet the requirements of the Agreement on selling, dealers of any kind of drugs and psychotropic substances, ...), giving directions in case of evacuation, prohibiting the entrance of visitors to the premises not designated for public, assistance to disabled visitors when entering the barrier zone, information on medical assistance, protection of performers, visitors and festival equipment.
It is necessary to follow the instructions of security and organizers´ services within the scope of their authorities; each festival’s visitor must posses the identification of visitor.



It is strictly forbidden
-  to bring in any glass containers or bottles, pyrotechnic objects, open fire, umbrellas, dangerous objects threatening visitors´ security, drugs, psychotropic substances, flammable substances and weapons of any kind.
- Recording sound or picture, taking photos
- Smoking is allowed in all open air parts of the festival’s area
- to camp on the parking lot or outside the designated area.

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